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 The House Wash

We come and clean your entire home from eaves to ground. All exterior windows will be cleaned and spot free during this process. We also include our exclusive FREE Mildew Preventative Treatment with every house wash.

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Driveways, Sidewalks, Walkways and Patios

All surfaces are cleaned to remove discoloration due to mold, mildew and algae. All surfaces are treated after cleaning to help inhibit the return growth. NOTE: Typical cleaning will not remove rust stains. Please let our operator know if you have other stains and we can provide information on cleaning requirements.

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

Whyte Wash uses NO pressure on roof cleaning. There is a three step process to initiate the cleaning process with chemical treatment. To complete the process the roof is rinsed. We offer an annual roof maintenance for our roof cleaning customers at a great savings to the initial cleaning. The maintenance must be performed annually.

Pool Deck

All deck area and coping are cleaned in this service.

Screened Enclosure

This service will clean any existing mildew or algae and will remove debris from the top of the enclosure.

Wooden Deck Cleaning

Remove mold and mildew stains, algae growth and prepare for re-treating your deck with preservative.

Other services

The services listed are the most popular for residential cleaning. If you need other cleaning services we can accomodate almost anything that can be cleaned with normal pressure cleaning processes.

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