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How To PreparE For Your AppointmenT....

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The following list will ensure that we can provide you with the best service and experience – doing this will expedite the cleaning process and negate the need to charge extra for having to move things prior to your scheduled service.

  • Outdoor Items:  Move all potted plants, tables, chairs, decor, etc., at least 30’ away from the house.  Our techs work alone and having these items moved allows them to do their job without incurring additional labor costs.

  • Windows and Doors:  Ensure all windows and doors are closed, please visually inspect weather stripping and place towels inside if you know you have leaking issues (although we do use a soft wash process)

  • Driveways:  Please move any vehicles off driveway prior to our arrival.

  • Screen Porches/Gates:  Unlock screen doors and gates so we have full access.

  • Window Cleaning: Please remove any screens if you are having your exterior windows cleaned.

  • Water Supply:  All exterior water connections should be functioning and accessible.  

                                                                                Thank You!

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