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Pressure CLeaning

Pressure washer on a lift cleaning a car dealership in savannah, georgia
Pressure washing a concrete sidewalk at a shopping center in Savannah

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Refined, Effective and Safe

Savannah, Georgia's All American Pressure Cleaning offers our commercial and industrial customers a fast and cost effective solution to their ongoing cleaning needs.

Many of our commercial customers appreciate the benefit of our scheduled cleaning programs. Spend less time inspecting your property and scheduling appointments.  Help us develop a pressure washing schedule that fits your property’s specific needs.


All American Pressure Cleaning can help your stores, gas stations, restaurants and businesses look great all year with our weekly, monthly and quarterly service contracts.  With these programs, properties tend to stay cleaner with less customer involvement.

  • Multi-location discounts.

  • 24-7 Operations - We will not interfere with your operation


The Key Benefits of Commercial Pressure Cleaning:

  • The most obvious benefit of hiring a professional pressure cleaning company is that it improves the look of your exterior and we all know First Impressions are everything!  Having a clean storefront or office could be the difference between earning business or losing it.

  • The appearance of your property also impacts how your staff feels. Having a clean work environment is going to motivate your employees to take care of their workspace.  

  • When potential customers approach your business, he or she will immediately notice whether it is immaculately clean or dingy and dirty. A clean business is likely to help a customer feel more comfortable and relax, and may even increase his or her chances of making a purchase or signing a contract.

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