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7 Steps: How To Clean Windows Like A Professional

1. Never clean windows in direct sunlight – the sun will dry the windows quickly and there will be streaks, no matter how hard you work.

2. Clean with cold water – hot water dries too fast and leaves streaks on the glass.

3. Apply solution directly to window – a little bit of dishwashing detergent in a buccket of water will do the trick. Use your window cleaning mop to scrub the windows with the water/soap detergent in circular motions. You do not need a lot of liquid, just enough to scrub and lubricate the window for Step 4.

4. Using the squeegee right – Remove the excess water by angling the squeegee 45 degrees towards the wet glass surface. Start from the top and go to the bottom of the glass

5. Wipe away residues and traces – Even if you are careful, streaks can appear. Use the second cloth (dry and clean micro fiber) to wipe them away.

6. Use the old towel to finish the job – If there are any water residues in the bottom of the window track use the old towel to soak them. This is where all the dirt goes and after the towel you may need to wipe the surface with microfiber towel again.

7. Inspect the surface – if there are any spots left behind – like insect marks or sticky fingers, go over them with the microfiber towel one more time.

And with a few easy steps you can enjoy perfectly clean windows!

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Thanks for the tips! This is really helpful for the new window cleaners on our team at Home Restore.


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