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How to Reflect the Assessment of the Results of the Dissertation?

Evaluation of the results of scientific research is a description of the results obtained. As a rule, all the thoughts of the author on this matter are reflected in the conclusion. At the same time, it is important to draw “intermediate conclusions” between chapters, where the key points of the work will be briefly and succinctly emphasized.

Evaluation of the results of the dissertation is emphasized subject to a certain sequence of thoughts:

  • We emphasize the relevance and significance of the topic, the presence of a problem;

  • We briefly describe the course of obtaining the results: what was done and received, the features of the results obtained;

  • Reflection of the novelty and significance of the results of the study: what they reflect, what they optimize, what they contribute to;

  • Description of the possibilities of application in science and industry.

The evaluation of the results obtained should not be an unfounded forecast, but a reasonable and balanced statement, which will be supported by forecasts, calculations, analysis of prospects, etc. Note that the effectiveness of the study reflects the improvement of the initial position of the object of study, the achievement of the best results at the lowest cost, the solution (full or partial) of an urgent problem.

The theoretical results of the dissertation are manifested in the following:

  • reasoned conclusions regarding the problem under study, based on theories and concepts;

  • the opinion of the researcher regarding the topic, question, real situation;

  • conclusions based on the results of the analysis of existing and current theories, identifying inconsistencies and contradictions that prove the existence of a problem;

  • substantiation of the need to modernize theories and research methods, argumentation of the position;

  • proposal of improved ideas, taking into account the identified shortcomings in early works, the ideas of predecessors.

The main goal of theoretical research and results is the improvement of scientific knowledge and ideas about specific phenomena, factors, etc. At the same time, the author's optimized solution should expand the boundaries of scientific knowledge.

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