All American Pressure Cleaning

The House Cleaning Process

Our House Washing Process

*       First, a highly trained All American Service Tech arrives at your property and begins by walking the property and evaluating the scope of work, making note of any areas that may need special attention.


*       Next, all plants and grass that are surrounding the house are pre-wet, this insures that no damage is caused by our cleaning solution.


*       We then apply our house washing solution to all surfaces of your home, this solution is specifically engineered to kill mold, mildew, algae and other biological contaminants.


*       Next, heavily soiled and stained areas are treated with specialized cleaners and detergents.


*       We then rinse the entire house with low pressure and high heat.  During this stage of our process, each of the windows is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed to remove all soap residue, leaving you with clean, streak free glass.


*       The last step in the process is the application of our Exclusive Mildew Preventative Treatment.  This step is done to give the surfaces of your home a protective coating that will resist the adhesion of surface pollutants and also retards the growth of mold and mildew.  

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Attention Savannah Real Estate Agents:  The exterior of the home you are listing is a direct reflection of what a potential buyer perceives the inside will look like.  You only have one chance before they move on to a more desirable house down the street.   In today's depressed real estate market, anxious home sellers know that a home's "Curb Appeal" is paramount to its resale value.  Don't let a buyer get away because your listing looks dirty.