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 Are you Looking for a Fantastic Window Cleaning Service in Savannah?

Well we are glad you found us!!  Savannah homeowners have trusted the All American team for quality pressure washing and window cleaning for over 12 years!  From single story homes to large buildings, we have the best window cleaning techs, the equipment and experience to make your home the envy of the neighborhood!


If you aren't ready for a detailed window cleaning, we can flush your window screens with hot water to safely remove dirt, dust and grime without damaging your screens and with no window cleaning fees. Our Exclusive High-Volume window screen flush is complimentary with every house wash - that's just one more way that we give you more for your money! 



Low Country Service Area


All American Property Maintenance has the knowledge and experience needed to properly clean your windows.  Each technician is trained to the highest industry standards, our focus is fast, friendly and superior service. We use equipment and techniques approved by the window manufactuers.


 Our Highly Trained, Courteous and Uniformed Employees take great pride in making your windows look GREAT!

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Commerical Window Cleaning can get pretty complicated, that is why we have taken Savannah Window to the next level by making the investment in the proper equipment to get your job done safely and properly.   Utilizing the latest and greatest window cleaning technology, we can reach up to 4 stories from the ground to scrub and rinse your windows and frames with deionized water, this makes for a high quality, streak free job!   This saves you money if you think about traditional window cleaning that requires a boom or the issues with building compliance when using rope decent methods.




How The Water Fed System Works

Water is filtered of impurities until it reaches 0 ppm (parts per million) meaning that no impurities are left. This pure water is stored in a sealed tank in the back of a van where it is pumped out to the water fed pole onto the window. The specially designed brush at the end of the pole scrubs off all dirt from the window and the pure water rinses it away. Once the window is rinsed thoroughly the pure water left on the window will simply evaporate leaving a sparkling clean window with no residue or water marks.